Thursday, 9 March 2017

We Are Only Making One Post Today,

as we are off early to go fishing,

 our first stop was to TukCom, Diana's mobile telephone would not charge, the problem was the socket at the bottom of it where you plug in the charger had stopped working, so 600 baht and one hour later all would be well,

 the sign and the reversing lights says it all,

 in the hour we had we decided to call into Siamburys which is on Soi Khao Talo, 

 about 2 kilometres from the railway line, I have tried looking for their website, but could only find their Facebook page, basically it is a store that sells British foods, we bought some corned beef, Cadbury's chocolate drink powder, sticky pudding and a favourite of mine, a pack of frozen crumpets, no prizes for guessing what I will be having for breakfast tomorrow!

it is very easy to find, just follow Soi Khao Talo until you see it on your left, but it is a fair way along the Soi, for an idea of what they stock have a look here,

 we popped back home to put everything we bought in the refrigerator or freezer, and then back to TukCom, to pick up Diana's telephone, we parked opposite the now refurbished Day Night Hotel, 

 on the way home we picked up a ice green tea and coffee, Mark called round in the afternoon for a tea and chat,

 then it was glad rags on,

 and we were out,

 as a guest of Mr. Tony to the News Steak and Grill, with his son Ben and daughter Michelle,

 we made our way inside, although at first empty it soon filled up, so booking a table is the way to go,

 for starters Diana chose a Caesar salad,

 Ben a chicken salad, 

 whilst Michelle, Mr, Tony and myself went with the Gambas Ajillo, prawns fried with garlic & chilli served with a huge piece of freshly made bread,

 'Cheers!' from Ben,

 Michelle and Dad,

 and Cheers! from us, 

for our main course we all decided on the chateaubriand steak with vegetables,

 cooked exactly as we liked it,

 it came with a side dish of potatoes,

 and three different sauces,

 what a fabulous meal,

and it was not over yet, for desserts we chose the News Tiramisu, followed by coffee, many, many thanks to Mr. Tony and what a pleasure to meet Ben and Michelle again, arriving home we said our farewells, then inside for a nightcap,

 and another episode of Black Sails, one thing I had noticed almost from episode one was how fit everybody looked,

well I guess in the day hauling ropes and climbing to the sails did keep you fit, something the producer did not fail to notice, so before filming the cast had to survive a six-week crash course designed to make them look like sailors of the time, who toiled in the Caribbean three centuries ago, “We wanted the characters to look like they lived on a ship,” says Toby Stephens, who plays Captain Flint, “They hauled ropes and climbed ropes and lived a physical life, We wanted it to look like we didn’t have an easy life.” so if you want to look like Billy Bones played by English-born Tom Hopper pictured above, have a look here at their training schedule, and with that we were off to bed.

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