Sunday, 12 March 2017

Time To Make,

the weekly refrigerator magnet change,

but when we went to Hong Kong we did not buy one, so this picture we took when we were there will have to do to remind us during the week of our trip there,

 on to today's maintenance, 40% or so of water out of the aquarium, 

 then replace it with fresh water,

 next off to Friendship to buy a few things for tonight's bar-b-q, 

 we stopped off for a take away ice green tea and coffee on the way home,

 arriving home Diana started to clean the kittens pool,

 watched by Hogue,

 and Cable,

 then Mariana came to have a look,

 and a play, 

 she especially likes the part of the operation where Diana refills the pool using the shower-head, in the afternoon we received some good news NumChai telephoned to say that the new screen for our camera would be arriving at Panasonic (Bangkok) at the end of April, we had bought it, a Panasonic Lumix FZ 300, on the 18th December 2015, and was lasting well only having to go back once in the first year for a major repair, hopefully the new LED screen will be the last repair for this year,

 the day rushed past, we were soon outside for the evening bar-b-q, garlic bread,

 followed by chicken and sweetcorn soup,

 then make smoke as I lite the barby,

 but it soon caught and was roaring away,

 with the charcoal nicely glowing on with the meal,


 for tonight pork fillets with sweetcorn and potatoes, 

 and in with the potatoes onions and bacon, 


 and to follow,

 a sticky toffee steamed pudding with ice cream,

that we had bought during the week at Saimburys

 and to round off the meal a nice liqueur, 

we listened to music till about 11.00 then inside for one episode of Black Sails and with that we were off to bed.

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