Monday, 6 March 2017

I Had Cropped The Mushrooms The Morning Before,

and thought that would be it for a week or two,

 but I was so wrong, this morning a new crop started to appear,

 mushrooms on toast tomorrow!

 in the small garden we have another stinky cactus (Stapelia), had a few flowers on it, 

 I can not make my mind up if this is it,

 or maybe tomorrow the buds will open,

 I then noticed another one in flower,

 and nice it looked too,

 in one of the trays, 

 there was one with a few more buds,

 on to Sunday lunch Diana had cooked a roast chicken for today, with all of the extras,


 and apple crumble with a touch of cinnamon and custard for dessert, 

 what could be better?

 I know a liqueur to round the meal off,

we chatted the afternoon away, some time later we had a banana shake each, 

 meanwhile the kittens, this is Hogue, 

 and Cable were lounging around,

 then Cable watched by Mariana and Hogue,

 decided to play in the pool,

 unlike most cats,

 Bengals love playing in water,

especially if there are some ice cubes bobbing around, in the evening we watched some episodes of Cops, 

then Jaws, Diana had not seen it before, here are two pieces of trivia from the movie it was estimated to have cost $8,000,000, world wide it grossed $470,000,000, if adjusted for ticket inflation, Jaw’s worldwide box office total would be near $2 billion, second piece of trivia, director Steven Spielberg named the shark "Bruce" after his lawyer, and with that we went to bed.

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