Saturday, 11 March 2017

From Farmers Eking Out A Living,

to millionaires,

 in one easy lesson, a few years ago, most of the 2,000 or so villagers in Donggaozhuang, northern China, were struggling to put food on the table by growing wheat and corn, that has all changed thanks to one man, who set up an e-shop on Taobao, China’s largest online commerce platform, to sell yarn, things went way better than he had anticipated, and in just three months, he made a profit of $2,900, a small fortune, considering that the highest minimum wage in China is currently around $330 per month,

village elders soon approached the man, asking him to teach other members of the community how to set up their own online businesses, since yarn had worked so well for Donggaozhuang’s first online entrepreneur, everyone followed in his footsteps and they all started making money, they started buying wool, turning it into yarn and selling that on Taobao, some even sold their land to concentrate on just selling online yarn, so taking a leaf out of their success story is there an opening for you to sell yarn?

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