Thursday, 23 March 2017

As Usual My Day Started At 05.55,

the mornings are getting brighter now,

but I still needed the flash to take these pictures of the local cat that has adopted us, 

every morning she is here for her breakfast and is the mother of the black kitten that we used to feed, she is totally feral, this is about as near as I can get to her even after months of her having breakfast here, 

 then we were out to Makro, as usual 4 boxes of wine, 6 cases of soda, one of coke zero plus all of the other essentials that we needed,

 in the evening it was glad rags on, 

 we were out for a romantic dinner for two,

 for tonight we were at Magg's restaurant, it is located on Thepprasit Road just before the Thappraya Road junction,

  on to our starters,

Diana chose one of the specials, a baked rock lobster cooked in butter and garlic, served with a white wine sauce and showered with Parmesan cheese,

 for myself I stayed with the comprehensive menu,

 and chose the crispy duck with hoisin sauce salad with beansprouts,

we had telephoned and asked for the table by the fire, 'Cheers!',

on to our main courses, 

 for Diana, chicken wrapped in bacon,

the stacked potatoes like a wood pile were a nice touch,

 and for myself, 

 beef Wellington with saute potatoes,

 which was perfect, 

Valerie popped over to ask if everything was to our satisfaction which it most certainly was, we were full to bursting, 

 but after a very long break,

 we weaken and ordered profiteroles with ice cream, delicious! well the whole meal was, the food, service and ambience was 100% excellent,

we said goodbye to the other half of Magg's, John, who made us more than welcome,

 the sign says it all, what a fabulous meal and a huge choice from the menu plus two specials for both starters and main courses, we called a grab taxi and made our way home, where it was feet up for a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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