Monday, 20 March 2017

I Was Chatting,

to Mr. Tony,

 about cars and I mentioned that a favourite of mine was up for sale soon, and this is it, a 1937 Talbot-Lago T150-C SS 'Goutte d’Eau' Coupé by Figoni et Falaschi,

 what a beauty, considered by many to be one of the most attractive automotive designs of all time, the Talbot-Lago T150-C SS Coupe by Figoni et Falaschi is nothing short of an Art Deco masterpiece on wheels, produced in 1937, this is the second car built with covered front fenders according to Claude Figoni and has remained in Switzerland for the vast majority of its life, restored to concours standards in 2002 by Atelier et Carosserie de Tourraine, under its current, Swiss ownership, it remains today as one of the most spectacular automotive designs the world has ever seen,

the heart of the beast, for the technical,

engine              Inline-6 w/Hemispherical Combustion Chambers
position            Front Longitudinal
aspiration         Natural
valvetrain        Pushrod OHV, 2 Valves per Cyl
fuel feed          Tripple Stromberg Carburetors
displacement    3996 cc / 243.85 in³
compression     7.4:1

power               104.4 kw / 140.0 bhp @ 4200 rpm

so note in the diary, Saturday, May 27, 2017 make our way to Villa Erba by the beautiful shores of Lake Como, Italy, just one hour north of Milan, remember cheque book!

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