Sunday, 12 March 2017

I Was Totally,

and utterly amazed,

 when I looked at these pictures,

they are the work of New York-based Israeli Yigal Ozeri

 they are all of course staged, 

 cloaked in nature, the some of the women take on an air of romanticism reminiscent of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, each strand of hair blowing in the wind and highlights the light and shadow cast upon the women,

for over 25 years the talented painter has developed his work, pushing the boundaries of photorealistic painting, yes they are paintings, not as I had first thought photographs,  Ozeri is known for his large-scale oil paintings of beautiful women set in vast expanses of nature, you can now see why he is known as the master of photorealism, each artwork begins with a photograph taken by Ozeri of a regular girl, as he rejects the idea of using models as examples of perfection, and while Ozeri is known as a master of photorealism, he isn’t a big fan of the title. “I see myself as a figurative artist”, the painter shares, “In general, I don’t feel comfortable with labelling and with my present grouping as a photorealist artist, even though I see myself as part of this genre. I feel that my contribution to art history are my works on paper.”

he as well as his web page has a Facebook page, what a fantastic talent he truly has.

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