Tuesday, 14 March 2017

I Had Always Thought,

that salt was bad for you,

that is in most foods that makes a normal diet no more salt should be added, so I was surprised to see that you can cook on salt! here is how it works, grilling or searing meats, fish, or vegetables on a slab of Himalayan salt supposedly makes for a more even cook, and, of course, a bit of extra flavor, the block’s crystalline structure has low porosity, which means the slab can stand up to extreme heat and cold for extended periods, so it's a nice-looking way to serve chilled sushi and piping hot steaks, Himalayan salt is also more mineral-rich, which can add a bit more complexity to the taste of your food, it's not hard to clean, either, just moisten an edge with a wet sponge and scrub with a soft brush, I have never heard of this before, 

but the cooking technique must have been around for some time as there are books published about it, but it begs the question why must it be Himalayan salt? could you save hard earned cash by buying a salt block from a salt mine in your own country? now there's an idea if you own a salt mine in the USA or the UK! and no I am not on commission, I just thought it was strange to add even more salt to your diet.

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