Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Weekend Has Come Around So Fast,

and it is time to change the refrigerator magnet for the week,

 so for this week we will be thinking about our first day on the Ventura when we visited Mallorca and indeed watched a flamenco dancer,

 on to Saturday maintenance,

 50% of the water removed from the aquarium,

 and replaced also the front glass cleaned inside and out,

 meanwhile Diana was cleaning the kittens pool,

 watched closely by Mariana, 

 Hogue had a look as well,

 then Cable become interested,

 but soon lost interest, 

 today was shower time for the kittens, 

 which is always fun time!

 Diana showered Mariana and Hogue,

but by now Cable knew what was coming,

 and put up a bit of a scrap, 

 before I could bring him down,

 then it was,

 grooming time,

 Mariana giving me the evils,

 and showing me what big claws she has, as if I did not know!

 it should not happen to a cat, 

 but they soon got over the experience,

 although taking refuge seemed a good idea just it case it happened again, 

 in the evening our usual bar-b-q, starting with garlic bread,

 and followed with lobster bisque,


 then time to lite the barby,

 with a shower of sparks the flames soon caught, 

 on with the chicken, we were having chicken satay this evening,

Diana had prepared a peanut dip along with an onion, cucumber and pepper side dish,

all of which was delicious, we listened to music for the rest of the evening until about 11.00 then inside for a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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