Wednesday, 8 March 2017

We Had An Early Start,

to our day,

 joining the hundreds of happy holiday makers at Bali Hai pier, we passed numerous people selling hats and other sun shading equipment to the crowds,

 we let Russ who we had meet there at 07.15 lead the way, 

 the sun was already high,

luckily for us,

 most holiday makers were heading for the speedboat jetties,

 once past those we had the jetty almost to ourselves,

 a quick pose and we continued on our way, 

 all aboard the Skylark! 30 baht each,

 and we were on our way,

 in a fairly empty boat,

 for some reason we were almost the last on but somehow were nearly the first off, 

 we passed one of the other boats unloading,

 produce for sale on the island,

 as we made our way along the jetty,

 one of the fishing boats made a 'U' turn

 and backed up to the jetty,

 for a change we decided on this beach,

 as you go along the jetty,

 it is on the right-hand side,

 and accessible by this walkway,

 the sea looked so blue,

 and enticing,

 a quick pose, 

 as we continued the walk to the beach,

 what a perfect day, 

 Russ makes the pose,

 and here we are,

 we asked for chairs out of the sun, as it happened they were just in front of the bar,

 under the shade of this tree and umbrellas, 

 our view from our seats,

 ice coffee for Russ and Diana, a hot one for myself,


 tempura prawns,

 by now a few more people had arrived, 

 as we tucked in,

 Diana decided to take a walk, 

 there were other restaurants and bars along the beach, 

 selling seafood,

 and plenty of loungers to chose from, 

 but I hate to say it, as tranquil as it looked it was so noisy, the problem was that where you sit there is a non stop armada of boats dropping holidaymakers off all morning, and then at midday picking them up again,

 any thoughts of a quiet day on the beach were soon over, although to be fair from midday on wards the boats stopped calling by,

 Diana continued her walk,

 past bar-b-qs on the top walkway above the beach,

 looking down to where we were sitting,

 lunch arrived,

 a Thai dish with shrimps and noodles for Diana and chicken fried rice for Russ, 


we also had some bar-b-q chicken,

 and for Diana and myself,

 a large plate of chicken fried rice,

 that we shared,

 after lunch,

 out to sea,

 for a few pictures,

 a day on the beach would not be complete without them, 

 then a quick paddle,

 zooming in,  

 a couple more for the album,

 and back to our loungers,

 taking a few pictures, 

of the beach on the way,

all in all a quiet afternoon, but the morning was much louder than the bigger busy next door beach as the boats landing passengers were much closer, we both decided next time we would go to where we normally sit, but it was nice as a change,

 our bill came to 2,500 baht including the sun-lounger hire for the three of us, it also included a few beers,  

 a pose,

 as we made our way along the walkway,

 a last look,

 at the now nearly deserted beach,

 and in no time at all we were going past one of Pattaya's landmarks,

 as you step off of the boat,

 there are plenty of food carts waiting in case you feel a little peckish,

 as we were leaving,

 more people were arriving on the jetty,

 we guessed for a sunset cruise,

 saying our farewells to Russ, tomorrow Wednesday is his last day, and as there will be no tables, chairs, loungers or umbrellas on the beach that day he will spend it by the pool at his hotel, then he will be off for 4 days to Taipei then home to New Jersey, we wished him Bon Voyage,

 and for us time to hunt the motorcycle, clue, it has a white seat,

 arriving home the kittens were pleased to see us, in the bathroom,

another crop of mushrooms is on the way, good job I like mushrooms on toast!

after our evening meal and some Judge Judy it was time for Black Sails, the plots, and there are many of them getting more evolved and seemingly impossible to solve at each turn, but all thoroughly enjoyable to us, at the end of three more episodes we were off to bed.

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