Thursday, 16 March 2017

As Soon As I Woke,

and had changed the kittens litter,

 and feed them, I looked for the angelfish eggs, alas they had gone, but in 10 - 14 days time there will be some more, so better luck next time, after my morning exercises I watered the garden, two of the four buds on one of the stinky cactus had opened,

 the petals were covered with hundreds of tiny hairs that moved with the breeze,

  I also noticed

 a second one had a flower,

 and a third,

  strange looking flowers indeed,

 the bat flower had also grown, its whiskers a lot longer than when I last looked, 

 in the evening it was glad rags on,

 we were off with Mr. Tony to Cherry's,

  for their Wednesday,

and Saturday evening,

 International buffet,

 tom yum goong soup is here ever week the buffet is on offer,

an each week there is a soup of the day, today asparagus,

 although some of the dishes seem half empty, they are soon topped up by the ever attentive staff, 

 there are 18 or so heated, dishes,

 plus a carvery and pizza station, 

 on to desserts,

 and what a nice selection,

 one of my favourites here, the one that features raspberry's in a spoon,

 there is also plenty of fresh fruit on offer,

 and seven flavours of ice cream,

the sign says it all, 450 baht per person,

 then it was time to tuck in,

 this evening we were joined by Mark,

 on to our second starters,

 and then our main courses,

 like this one for Diana, spaghetti covered with chicken and mushrooms in a white wine sauce complimented with bacon wrapped Enokitake mushrooms, 

 main course for myself, lamb, veal in a red wine sauce, chicken and mushrooms and chicken Madras with nan bread,

and for dessert a raspberry dish followed by a crème caramel, what a delicious meal, if you want to try the restaurant it is located on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, the International buffet is held every Wednesday and Saturday, there are specials every day of the week, plus a full à la carte menu, we said our farewells to Mark and then Mr. Tony kindly dropped us off home and then went home himself, 

so for us it was feet up for the penultimate episode of Black Sails series three, we are both hoping that series 4 starts to air on Netflix soon and with that we were off to bed.

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