Thursday, 30 March 2017

Great News Today,

if you are into astronomy,

the space agency NASA has just made it even easier to peruse and even download more than 140,000 photos, renderings, audio files and videos it has online,

  metadata is also available for those in need of a data fix,

  the site is easy to search and browse, and lets you look at the agency’s newest uploads and the most popular images.

 also just this month, NASA unleashed its entire 2017-18 software catalogue at NASA Software, which lets the public use NASA-developed code for free, 

 offerings include the Earth Global Reference Atmospheric Model, which lets users model things like temperature and wind,

 NASA isn’t just serious about space, the agency is also committed to keeping the public up to date on what it’s doing, making results of NASA-funded projects available to the public, and keep in mind if you want an out of this world screen saver this is definitely the site to go to!

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