Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Today Was The Day,

I wanted to drop off the truck,

to be resprayed,

and it certainly needed it,

15 years of being in the tropical sun,

does not help any paintwork,

so off to Boy Air and Sound,

and here is Boy giving me a receipt for the deposit, 

 the garage/shop is on Soi Sumkivitt Pattaya 5, as you leave Pattaya to go to Bangkok, 

you will pass the Toyota garage on your left, take the next 'U' turn and Boy will be on your left,

next stop TukCom, I wanted some Velcro tape to put a partition in the camera bag, downstairs in Amorn I bought a roll, firstly making sure it was sticky backed,

the normal coffee stall we went to was not here today so we bought a ice tea and coffee from this stall, arriving home and opening the packet of Velcro, it was not sticky backed, so out again, I tried a small Tesco Lotus Express, and 4 different 20 baht stalls, plus an upholstery shop that had the tape, but again it did not have a sticky back, I even found a shop that sold knitting yarn, zips and fastenings, that said yes and after a fruitless search through a mountain of tapes then said no, all with no luck, so that was it, drive to the big Tesco Lotus on Sukhumvit Road, where I asked at the information desk and was told they did not stock Velcro tape, but one of the assistants said that Home Pro do stock the tape, so off to Home Pro, a bit further along Sukhumvit and after asking sure enough there was a veritable wall of tape and tape like products, so home, partition put in place and all was well,

after that I decided to take a few pictures of the kittens, Cable on top of the aquarium,

Hogue on the table,

having a stretch,

and a yawn,

then taking things easy,

Mariana on the cupboard next to the aquarium,

where Cable was already in place,

after our evening meal Barry called round for a chat, a few glasses of red wine later we said our farewells and settled down to watch State of Play, and what a state I got into trying to figure out the plot! it was more complicated than a barrel full of complicated things, not really my kind of film, I am all for the easy to follow films and with that we were off to bed.

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