Sunday, 21 May 2017

A Lesson In How To Raise The Awareness Of A Local Issue,

to national importance,

 yellow rubber ducks! fed up residents of Steeple Aston in Oxfordshire put over 100 rubber ducks in rain-filled potholes,

locals accused council officials of “ducking the issue” and claim the holes pose an injury risk and have been ignored for too long, parish councillor Martin Lipson donated more than 100 ducks, which had previously been used in a charity event, in colourful scenes on Wednesday, the banana-coloured bunch was put on display outside the Old White Lion pub, on South Side, fellow councillor Helen Wright said: "We all met and we had bags and bags of bright yellow rubber ducks and luckily it was raining so the potholes were filling up perfectly for these ducks to have a little swim, "Neighbours came out to see what was going on... cars were slowing down and asking us what was going on, cheering, and giving us the thumbs up, it seems to have really struck a chord with people because everyone is getting fed up." so we will have to wait and see if Oxfordshire County Council will continue ducking the issue in future.

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