Saturday, 13 May 2017

Diana And Myself,

really enjoyed,

 the two cruises that we have been on,

 and this is the one for us, “The World” is the largest and currently only active residential cruise ship on the planet, collectively owned by its residents, many of whom live aboard the vessel full-time, The World continuously sales on a worldwide itinerary at a maximum speed of 18.5 knots, that's for us, get on and never have top get off except to sight see!

and listen to this, residents decide the yearly itinerary, along with the ship’s captain, often planning expeditions in the most exciting and exclusive of places, so far they have visited the tribes of Papua New Guinea, tracked polar bears in the Russian Arctic, kayaked among icebergs and retraced Sir Ernest Shackleton’s historic Trans-Antarctic Expedition, among other memorable adventures,

 the vessel features 165 homes, ranging from one-room studios currently priced at around $1 million, to luxurious suites with an estimated price tag of over $13 million, 

 annual maintenance fees are a tad over $100,000, plus a few thousand more every month for amenities,

just what we wanted, Oh snap! just watched the video, all rooms are taken with a huge waiting list, but what a great idea!

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