Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Here Is A Great Free Gift,

if you have a hankering to become an artist,

Winsor & Newton is reaching out to artists across the globe to offer guidance and crucial artistic insight, Masterclass is a new series of informative video tutorials for those seeking to improve their techniques and stretch their artistic achievements, the site is either U.S./Canadian or world based, just click am option when you enter the site,

for the last 184 years, Winsor & Newton has sought to provide generations of artists with some of the finest paints, brushes, graphic markers, and other supplies designed to meet the rigorous needs of creative individuals, each new video will include explorations of colour, technical advice on surfaces and professional input on mediums, Masterclass promises to reveal the science behind artist’s materials and demonstrate how best to use them, each topic is carefully deconstructed to allow artists to understand the ‘why and how’ of the materials they use, this exclusive new series is available free by subscription through Winsor & Newton’s website, with numerous topics in the pipeline, Masterclass is set to become a vital knowledge-base for professional artists and those seeking to perfect their creative practice, so what are you waiting for? subscribe now and start learning, you never know you might be the new art-world sensation!

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