Saturday, 27 May 2017

Great News,

the package from the UK arrived at lunch time,

more of that later, so the good news was that I could got out to take some more pictures of temples,

I took both cameras with me, this taken with the normal camera,

and this image from the infrared camera, I have lots of images to play with, and if you are interested I have started a new blog with my infrared pictures on it at, called surprisingly enough Stanley's Infrared Pictures, there are only a few posts on it at the moment but I will be adding to the blog every few days,

I made my way around the temple,

this a new building under construction,

then to the crematorium, 

next to a new temple complex,

and I then found myself on Jomtien Beach Road,

and walked around the temple grounds there,

next stop Friendship, the car park finished,

and a new development,

both cars and now motorcycles are given a dated and timed ticket, I am guessing so many people park in the car park with out buying anything in the store, that you now have to buy something to receive free parking, I am only surprised it did not happen sooner,

I mentioned the package, and this is what was in it, a clip on shoulder strap, with two cameras and battery's the camera bag was a bit heavy, so this should help shoulder the load,

off to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

looking towards Jomtien very cloudy,

lots of dolls on one of the stalls,

looking inland more cloud,

one of the fruit sellers makes a sale,

great designs for socks,

opposite the bar this evening a stall selling T shirts and one selling towels,

if I was not looking for it,

I would not have noticed it, a sixth row of steel girders is now in place,

the pet section,

who could not want to take him home?

a stock up of dry and wet food for the kittens,

two black ones still for sale,

lots of rabbits as well,

and new for this week, 'who's a pretty boy then?' a horned frog from South America, handy to have around the house, they eat mice and crickets,

past the petting section, pigs, goats,

and rabbits,

sunset over the market,

I made my way uphill towards the bar,

where I meet up with Brian,

where we chatted,

the evening away,

after saying good bye I made a move to The Caddy Shack, for my evening meal, I would have gone to the Punch and Judy, but I did not want a live band blasting my ears as I ate,

I had the place to myself,

so shopping on the floor, this was my table,

and for tonight, fish and chips, delicious! I made my way home only getting slightly wet as it started to rain the moment I set foot outside, then feet up for a couple of films, next for me, off to bed.

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