Thursday, 18 May 2017

Out Door Swimming Pools,

love them or hate them once in they are there for good,

 but how about one you can take with you when you move? it appears that pools can devalue a home, 

so much so that when putting a house on the market some pool owners fill them in, 

but this modular plug-and-play swimming pool is the best of both worlds, developed by Canadian company Modpools, these converted shipping containers measure 8 by 20 feet (or 8 by 40), can be used year-round and can be converted for use as a hot tub on demand (via a segmenting module),
using the relatively light but sturdy shape of the container as a framework, these pools can be lifted and loaded onto trucks and trains (just like any other inter-modal unit), they can also be plugged in and set to go in minutes, currently priced around US$27,000 they don’t come cheap, but offer correspondingly more flexibility, the twice-as-long 40-footer is also not much more expensive at US$35,000 for those with the space, and no I am not on commission I just thought it was a great idea, leave it if the new owner wants it or take it with you to your new home, and it is another way to rid the world of a unused shipping container!

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