Sunday, 14 May 2017


so it was time for some maintenance,

 Diana started by cleaning the kittens pool, watched by Mariana,

 Cable had a look too,

 but as usual Hogue was keeping his distance,

 for myself a water change for the aquarium, 40% or so out, clean the front glass inside and out, then refill,

  by now Diana was refilling the kittens pool,

 which fascinated Cable,

 and Mariana,

 then it was play time, first they all had to try the new scratching board,

 and for a bit more fun,

 we had bought them a tripod,

 which they could scratch on as well, with a ball with a bell inside suspended from the centre of it,

 which they all enjoyed,

 on to our evening meal,

 sunflower seed bread toasted with garlic butter,

 in the centre of the picture not the smallest lizard in the world but remarkably close!

 lite the barby,

 lots of smoke,

  then sparks,

 for our first course Diana had bought some large prawns,

  which looked and were delicious,


  for our main course Diana chose one of the fish we caught on Thursday,

 whilst for myself chicken,

  and potatoes,

 cooked with onions and bacon,


 eyes down and tuck in,

and to round the evening off, some Swensens rum and raisin ice cream,

in the afternoon we watched Criminal, I have to say a very good movie, it is just a shame so many of the actors are showing their age, but at least in this movie unlike some we have seen, a 65 or 70 year old veteran actor is not seen running after a criminal who is in his early 20's and the veteran catching the youngster up! thankfully in Criminal all of the actors act their age, back to the evening, we listen to music until the midnight hour approached and then for us we were off to bed.

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