Friday, 26 May 2017

Many Of Us I Guess,

have seen trees with messages,

 cut into their barks but very few of us have seen the huge number of inscription as can be seen in Perryville Community Park, in Perryville, in Maryland U.S.A. where over 100 trees have been carved with messages,

 so what is or was going on here? the messages were left by patients from a veteran psychiatric and rehabilitation centre, decades ago, before becoming a public park, the land was owned by the nearby Perry Point VA Hospital, and some of its former patients carved their disturbed thoughts into the trees, over time, the words and drawings etched into the tree bark have grown larger, drawing the attention of curious passers-by, 

 most of the carved trees of Perryville Park feature single disturbing words, like “Murder,” “Help” and “Police,” but there are also military-related words and phrases, like “Infantry,” “Armory,” “MP,” religious writings, like “King of King and Lord of Lords,” “All authority is given unto He in Heaven and Earth,”, “Battle of Armageddon,” “The gate of heaven is open,”, and even political references, like the name “Nixon” carved next to the word “Repent",

the years etched into the trees date back to 1911, but the most mentioned year is 1958, along with the name “Nelson Jonchou”, which many believe belonged to one of the veterans once admitted at Perry Point Hospital, for more information have a look here at the story.

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