Wednesday, 24 May 2017

All Of The Kittens,

were at the back door,

 it is strange, one or maybe two days they are not to be seen, then the herd of them arrive and stay for a couple of days only to disappear again,

 I called into Friendship again,

 in the hopes that the wing that sold kitchen bits and pieces would be open,

 but it was not to be, the sign on the door says it all, I asked in the main store and was told the the unit would be closed for the next two weeks, pity someone did not write a sign to let their customers know when the wing will reopen, but there it is,

shortly after arriving home as arraigned the water treatment team arrived, the water from our U.V. RO unit had slowed to a trickle, and when on the pump never stopped, it needed 3 things, a change of the filters, the pre-filter had clogged up and needed replacing and the pressure solenoid for the pump had gone mustang, the team made a temporary fix, but will call next week to make an appointment to fit the solenoid when it arrives from Bangkok,

 Brian has arrived back from America, so he called round to catch up on all of the gossip, then Alex called in so we chatted the afternoon away,

 in the evening I walked to Barry's house, we were going out for a curry, but I could not help but notice this tree that had fallen down in a garden, the home owners had not left any contact details with neighbours,

 although it does not look it,

 the tree is huge,

 and has broken a number of roof tiles as it hit the roof first then rolled onto the smaller roof then into the front yard, not a great way to start the rainy season!

 and this is where we were going, Alibaba

 we both started with masala poppadoms,

Barry chose the vegetable tali that was huge and arrived with a mountain of bread,

 for myself a prawn puri,

 and onion bhajis, if you want to try Alibaba it is on Central Road, as you are heading for the beach it is on the left hand side about 200 yards before Central Road joins Beach Road,

Barry called in for a glass of wine then after thanking him for the lift we said our goodbyes, then for myself I continued to watch a few more episodes of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes from The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes, after few of those I was then off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stan. Bret Bell from USA here. I was just thinking of you and missing Thailand. I wonder if Fred Huff is still alive, or not. I have a feeling he's not here anymore.