Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A Huge Apology From Me,

to everyone that has posted a comment that I did not reply to,

 until recently if a comment was sent, I received a notification that a comment needed to be published, no problems with that, but unknown to me, now I have to click on to the comments page to see if a comment needs to be published, again not a problem as I will check comments every morning from now on as a matter of course, I just wish I had known about this change of notification sooner, again my sincere apologies to you for taking the time and trouble to comment and for me seemingly ignoring them, it finally stop raining for a brief time, so I parked in Friendship car park and walked down past Soi Bukaow,

 normally this area is crowded with stalls on the pavements, but as it was not a market day the streets were almost deserted,

 and this is where I was going, I bought a external hard drive to transfer the pictures I have on the remaining internal drives, it is such a shame as I have lost so many pictures from the 1990s and before, but there it is, my bad for not having on two or three different hard drives,

and this was the one I bought, a 2TB hard drive from Western Digital, at the moment I am going through the drives and copying the pictures to it, which will take forever as there are pictures everywhere, when I have completed that I will then buy another hard drive and copy the pictures to that, so in effect my pictures will be in three places,

next into Friendship, for a couple of days worth of sandwiches,

 Diana has sent me a couple more pictures,

 of her and the family,

out for an evening meal, she told me her diet starts tomorrow! after my salad Barry called round for a glass of wine and a chat, 

after saying our goodbyes I watched Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest, great fun, I really enjoyed watching it again, and I have to say I am looking forward to seeing the latest Pirates when it is released, and with that I was off to bed.

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