Saturday, 11 August 2018

We Had A Quiet Day,

as usual Diana beat me at cribbage,

 we have a best of three every afternoon, in the evening we were out,

  Barry had told us that the Rajputana Indian restaurant had reopened,

 so we had arranged to meet him there, as we were a tad early Diana popped into Central Festival to go window shopping, so I took a few pictures of the mobile bar that is always parked outside,

 next over the road to the restaurant, that had become a lot smaller, the other half of what was the restaurant will soon become a massage parlour,

 Barry and one of hs co-workers soon joined us,

 Christian decided on a thali, a prawn puri and vegetable curry for Barry, for us a prawn puri, chicken samosa, chicken tikka masala, with peas pulao rice, our bill with more than a few glasses of house red came to just a touch over 1,300 baht,

  after saying our goodbyes,

  we walked to Beach Road,

  passing through Central Festival,

  outside I had to stop,

  to take a few photographs,

 of the ever changing lights, 

   in the water feature,

we soon arrived home on the 10 bhat taxi, a quick look at the tower, then feet up for a few from Columbo and we were off to bed.

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