Friday, 10 August 2018

Yesterday We Went Shopping,

in Friendship,

 which was not very successful, we went for two particular items, corned beef and frozen smoked salmon, there is normally a choice of three brands of corned beef, but all three brands had sold out, on to the frozen section, again normally there is a choice of 100 or 200 gram packs, again totally sold out, the third thing we wanted, but was not quite so important was a few croissants, but you guessed it, sold out, so today off to Tesco Lotus,

 but before shopping a stop in Swensens,

 well we had not been there for some time,

for Diana a durian special,

 and a strawberry and banana milkshake for myself, we then started shopping, one thing we like about Tesco is the bakery, and as it was near to Swensens we called in for some croissants, sold out, on to the frozen section for the salmon, sold out, and yes you guessed it, no corned beef either, it must be a Pattaya thing that so many expats are here that the supermarkets can not keep up with demand! but the good news was that shops out near where Mr.Tony lives had oodles of corned beef and salmon,

 so tonight when we meet up,

 at the News Steak & Grill for our evening meal he kindly said would bring some of each over for us,

 we were joined tonight by Jim,

 on to our starters, Gambas Ajillo prawns fried with garlic & chili for Diana,

onion soup for Jim,

then both Mr.Tony, 

 and myself went with the Gambas Ajillo prawns, 

 on to our main courses, 

we all decided on the special of the evening, Chateaubriand steak shared between two, medium and well done for Diana and myself,

 and medium rare for Mr. Tony and Jim,

 a quick picture, 

 then eyes down and tuck in,

 lastly desserts, tiramisu for Diana,

 vanilla cheesecake with blueberry compote for Mr.Tony,

homemade ice cream strawberry for Jim,

and for myself,

 a cream brulee, 

all in all a lovely meal, after we said our farewells we made a move complete with smoked salmon and corned beef for home, many thanks Mr. Tony, arriving home it was feet up for a night cap, a couple of Antique Road Trips and then for us we were off to bed.

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