Saturday, 11 August 2018

Do Not Mess With Fish 237,

and you thought fish were fun!

 well not if they are fighting fish, 

 this is what these are, 

 Siamese fighting fish, (Betta splendens) as the are known,

 some are breed for fighting, but these have been breed to show off their beautiful fins, 

 that have been captured by Thai photographer Visarute Angkatavanich,

 the portraits that appear more like staged dance images than animal photography,

he photographs domesticated betta fish against white and black backgrounds to isolate their natural shades and present the illusion that they are moving through space,

 late last year he released a book of Siamese fighting fish portraits titled Betta Paradiso, and no I am not on commision! I just think the photographs are just so beautiful in the way he seems to capture them at just the right moment,

 if you look at the link, here is one of the fish in it, looking like a swirl of silk, but the picture is actually upside down!

this is what it would have looked like in real life, as the fish, which is an air breather grasps some air, Siamese fighting fish are a part of the labyrinth or air breathing group of fish and must come to the surface every now and then to breath air to survive,

we have featured his photographs a few times before, but these are his latests ones.

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