Wednesday, 18 April 2018

3 D Jelly Cakes,

are not a treat I have often come across,

especially ones like these,

 3D jelly cakes are really popular in South-East Asian countries like Vietnam and Malaysia, and in Mexico, 

 but some of the world’s most amazing edible masterpieces are actually created by an Australian artist from Sidney, 

Siew Heng Boon has been making 3D jelly cakes for only two years now,and looking at the examples above is a master at her craft,

the problem for me, is well, they really do just look too good to eat, the amazing thing about this impressive food art is that everything has to be done upside down, in layers, the artist starts with the petals, then adds the leaves and any other design elements the artist has in mind, once the design is completed, a hot layer of jelly is poured over the cake to seal it, the fruits of the artist’s labor can only be admired when the cake is flipped over, above is a video of Siew Heng Boon at work,

and a quick 'how to' video, You can admire more of Siew Heng Boon’s amazing 3D jelly cakes on Facebook and Instagramamazing.

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