Sunday, 29 April 2018

Inhabitants Of The Windy City,

will have a new skyline,

 when architect Gordon Gill from local firm Adrian Smith + GordonGill Architecture has designed the new skyscraper as part of a larger scheme that includes an overhaul of the neighbouring Tribune Tower and its surrounding buildings,

 and this is what the skyline will look like,

 the mixed-use tower is slated for a site east of the 1920s neo-gothic tower, currently a parking lot, and will rise 96 storeys,

the north and south elevation facades gently curve inwards to create a crown, commercial spaces and parking will occupy its lower levels, with a hotel above, further up still will be 439 rental apartments, then 125 condominiums at the top, meanwhile, the Tribune Tower is being transformed from offices into 163 residences, Steve Hubbard from Chicago-based Solomon Cordwell Buenz is leading the project, with Phil Hamp from local firm Vinci Hamp Architects acting as the preservation architect, as we often say to each other, ‘nothing stays the same forever’.

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