Friday, 20 April 2018

How To Avoid Parking Tickets In One Easy Lesson,

give yourself one!

 a driver in Suzhou, China, found the perfect way of avoiding a parking ticket, when leaving her car in a no-parking zone, she would simply leave a fake parking ticket in her window so that policemen would think one of their colleagues had already fined her, 

how long had this scam worked? well nobody except the driver actually knows, but here is the thing, do not do this if you park in front of an unmarked police car,

especially if it has he cars dash cam on! according to Knews, the fake ticket looked like a real one and was dated correctly, but a careful examination revealed that all the other details were phony, upon returning to her car, the woman most likely denied any wrongdoing, perhaps saying it was somebodies idea of a prank, but only because she didn’t know about the video evidence, the police lectured her about illegal documents and forging official documents, between issuing her the thing she dreaded most – a real parking ticket, now if only she had put the ticket on the car before she left home would she have been caught?

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