Sunday, 22 April 2018

I Have To Admit,

I do not really understand these new 3D printers,

 but here is a company that can, it took 4 robots 6 months to complete the MX3D bridge, the bridge was designed by Joris Laarman Lab (with engineering help from Arup and other partners) and spans just over 40 feet,

 the robots used 4,500 kilograms of stainless steel and 1,100 kilometers of wire, 

this first bridge will be installed in Amsterdam,

once it has passed all of it's test, but here is a thing, there are no building codes for this type of construction, so the pen pushers will have a great time writing new ones up, but what a great idea using robots that can got to places where we can not go, and build homes or installations that we can the use, from the deepest oceans or the far reaches of outer space, amazing!

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