Monday, 16 April 2018

I Came Across This Fascinating Film,

of New York,

 the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern shot the original footage in 1911, Guy Jones adjusted the film speed to make it appear more natural, and added sound effects,

and here are few things that make this so interesting to watch, firstly this was before roads were designated for cars, and were used by pedestrians, horses, and vendors as well as motorized vehicles, so the interactions between all modes of transport had to be finely tuned, also remember this was only 50 years after the start of the civil war, many people who may have enlisted in their late teens are still here, and presumably are those on crutches, and lastly, you never know, if you family was here at that time you might even see one of your long departed relatives! the clip last for just over 7 minuets, so grab a coffee and watch a piece of real history.

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