Saturday, 21 April 2018

As A Kid,

I remember seeing a glass egg timer,

in the kitchen every morning, and of course in many films, hour glasses, in this day and age, with so many devices to tell time like telephones and wrist watchers they are no longer needed,

 but for Japanese design studio Nendo, this presented itself as an ideal opportunity to rethink how we perceive the concept of time,

 in collaboration with INAC, a Japanese company that manufactures samples and prototypes, 

 Nendo designed four different types of unique hourglasses that each dissects the concept of time in different ways,

  just like Einstein’s theory of relativity suggests that time is not as constant as everyday life would suggest, the hourglasses break free from their previous form, in their words, allowing time to move more freely.

 titled “Variations of Time,” the hourglasses were part of “Forms of Movement,” a solo exhibition that Nendo is staging at Milan Design Week this year,

 they are presenting 10 concepts that are based on the idea of movement, for myself I just marvel at how the glass was blown into these fantastic time measuring devices.

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