Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Quick Question,

apart from the King James Bible, 

which book is the most reprinted books in the English language? the answer is, The Compleat Angler or to give the book it’s full tile, 'The Compleat Angler or the contemplative man's recreation being a discourse of fish & fishing', by Izaak Walton, the book remains one of the most reprinted even though it’s written in the English of 1676, the date of the final edition Walton edited and revised, it is the story of a walk which took several days and by the end of the walk one of the walkers had taught his fellow how to fish, giving a full narrative of the delights of the English countryside on the way, for a look at some of the editions of the book have a look here, the book itself is free on Kindle, or at a modest £5.99 for the paperback version, but rarer editions are available if you want a first edition, how strange that a book on fishing has been reprinted more times than a book by say Shakespeare!

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