Friday, 11 August 2017

Diana Was Going To Have A Busy Day,

as She was preparing her dressing table for a paint job,

 and this is it, Diana wanted to paint it white to match all of the other bedroom furniture, Diana had already sprayed the drawers, both with undercoat and top coat, so it was now time for the main carcass,

 so I was back to the builders merchants on Soi 8, Thepprasit Road, the reason I chose this one was because I remembered seeing a display of spray paint tins outside, so 2 tins of primer and 4 of white and I was on my way home, 

 but before I left almost opposite the shop I had to stop and take a couple of pictures of this strange looking building,

 a slope, presumably steps lead up to a concrete floor, 

 which looks like the roof with a ridge in the middle has been built on, I can only think that the roof has been finished at ground level and will be raised and the sides of the building then constructed,

 meanwhile back home Diana had masked the mirror from over-spray, I should mention that during the day both Mick and Alex called in for a coffee and a chat, 

 and also in the morning Diana caught Hogue unawares, and gave him the shampoo that Mariana and Cable already had a few days ago, Hogue was not amused as he ignored us by looking away from us into the distance,

  back to the dressing table, 

 Diana had given it 3 or 4 coats of undercoat,

 then slowly started building,

 the white top coat, Diana had run out of the top coat so I popped back to buy a few more tins,

She finally finished about 09.00, so it was feet up for a few from Suits, as the midnight hour approached we carefully moved the table inside, the acrylic paint takes very little time to dry, but we waited a few hours just in case by touching it we might mark it, but all was well the paint had hardened as it should have done, and with that we were off to bed.

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