Sunday, 13 August 2017


and time for the weekly maintenance,

 Diana started with the cats pool,

 aided by Cable,

 who then took a break,

 and Mariana who took a lively interest,

 and even Hogue had a quick look,

 but it was Mariana,

 who really loved playing,

 with the water,

 meanwhile I took 40% of the water out of the aquarium, 

 and replaced it,

 we parked opposite, 

 the newly refurbished Grand Day Night Hotel,

 and went to buy a few things in the TukCom centre, which is getting quieter by the week, so many stalls have disappeared, and the spaces are not being re-let, on the way home a quick stop for a ice tea and coffee,

 I am not sure if this is true of all cats,

 but ours seem to love to be high up off the ground,

 we had decided to take their temporary home upstairs to make more room in the spare room,

 and as soon as we did, 

 the cats were atop of it,

 in a flash,

'I just love it up here!',

whilst as TukCom we bought the cats a new toy, which seemed a good idea at the time,

but the noise of it put the cats off of playing with it, however they really liked playing with the plastic bag it came in,

 Diana had sprayed the paper basket as well during the day,

and had made a really good job of the paintwork on her dressing table,

 as well as covering the first of two stools that she uses,

 on to the evening,

 garlic bread followed by chicken and sweetcorn soup, 'Cheers!',

 then lite the barby,

 lots of smoke as usual, but then the fire caught,

 and with a shower of sparks we were in business, 

 and on with the chicken,

 for tonight we were having satay chicken, 

 with peanut sauce and a onion, cucumber and pepper dip, 

delicious! we listened to music until nearly midnight, then we were off to bed.

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