Sunday, 13 August 2017

What On Earth Is Going On Here?

was my first thought,

 as I looked at these pictures from German photographer Frank Kunert, he builds miniature scenes that at first glance appear like mundane depictions of everyday domestic and urban settings, “On the surface, these photographs confront us with all of the hollow words, catchphrases and banalities we encounter in our daily lives,” says Dr. Christine Donat, who provided the text for Kunert’s online portfolio, “The stereotypical and senseless aspects of human communication cannot be unveiled more convincingly than in their literal conversion into a visual medium.” so there you have it, the works are a part of Kunert’s series Photographs of Small Worlds, handcrafted models that he makes and then photographs without digital assistance, 

Kunert’s upcoming solo exhibition will be at the Museum Boppard from September 10 to January 28, 2018, and shares the same name as his most recent photo book, Wunderland, what great looking miniatures.

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