Saturday, 12 August 2017

We Had Some Shopping To Do,

so we parked in the Friendship motorcycle park,

 we walked past the entrance to the Soi Bukaow market,

 across the now nearly empty car park,

 which was surprising as it was market day, looking at the building next to Friendship it is coming on a pace,

 the same as last week, no queues at the tills, the cashiers were ready and waiting with very few customers in the store, shopping finished,

 we stopped for a ice tea and coffee, 

 whilst I waited Diana popped over the road to this store to buy some material to make two new seat covers for her make up stools in the bedroom,

 another stop on the way home at the pineapple,

 and durian stall,

 arriving home, much to Cable's surprise,

 it was his turn to have a shampoo, 

 rather than shampoo them all on the same day, it is easier to shampoo them one at a time, they never know what is coming, until it is too late!

 next stop the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 lots of food stalls near the motorcycle park,

 a quick look at one of the toy stalls as the owner sets it up,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 cloudy skies, but at least it does not look like rain,

 every time I look at the sushi stall I am tempted to buy some, but our evening meal is already on the go,

 looking inland still cloudy,

 I made my way past one of the mobile ice cream sellers,

 in our travels we see so many T shirts that look the same or are similar, but this stall seems to have some that are completely different to the normal ones on offer,

 past a mobile fruit seller,

 to the area opposite the bar, this evening a stall I guess selling finance,

 going downhill,

 past the fruit section,

 I noticed what appears to be the first of this seasons mini grapes,

 the steelwork nearly now covering the pet section,

 and the uprights on the right looking like they have been worked on, 

 we did not need any cat food this week, so I made my way to the last stall in the pet section, the aquatic stall where I bough some food for our fish,

 and watched as the owner caught a few fish,

 sunset over the market,

 I am guessing that by this time next week the roof will be completed in this section,

  sitting at the bar I noticed the ice cream seller,

 who then made his way past the bar into the next section of the market,

 as I sat looking inland, 

 some music that had been playing had gotten considerably louder, 

 tomorrow, Saturday is the Queen's birthday,

 and to celebrate this gentleman has placed pictures of Her and is playing music as a Happy Birthday wish to Her,

 tonight there were two people selling at the steps next to the bar,

 the peanut seller as usual,

 and this gentleman selling key rings,

 and looking into the market one of the other mobile fruit sellers,

 so I took a few pictures of them, 

and then decided to give the pictures an 'antique' look,

 the program I used is in the NIK Collection,  

 there are several programs in it,

the one within the collection I used in called Silver Efex Pro, the NIK Collection is the program I use for producing images like these,

 which I took using a camera converted to infrared,

and then colour swapping the images,

to produce weird and strange looking pictures, our infrared blog is at where you can see hundreds of locally taken infrared pictures and in some posts like this one where I explain how I managed to produce the colourful effects,

 we made our way back to the motorcycle park, 

 and arriving home we were greeted with the delicious aroma of a chicken casserole,

'Cheers!', we then settled down to watch a few game shows like Tipping Point and Bargain Hunt and as the midnight hour approached we made a move for bed.

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