Friday, 11 August 2017

Fidget Spinners,

still seem to be popular,

 there are in fact 2 stalls selling them at the market now, 3 months ago none, we have featured them on our blog before, back in June, and July, but this one is new to the scene, dubbed the “Rolls Royce of fidget spinners”, the Saturn Spinner was developed by a subsidiary of NSK, a Japanese precision machining company that specialises in ball bearings for satellites and computer drives, workers at the pristine factory in Fujisawa have to wear special clothing, gloves and medical masks, as well as pass through air showers that blow off even the tiniest dust particles, before entering the work space, “We’re confident that ours is the longest spinner around,” said Toshikazu Ishii, president of NSK Micro Precision, 

He claims that the Saturn Spinner relies on a special type of ball bearing, similar to those used in certain hard drives, it has the most fluid rotation of all the ball-bearings made by the Japanese company, AFP TV5 got a chance to test the Saturn Spinner, and even though it took three tries to pass the 12 minute spinning threshold, the agency reports that the toy whirled for 13 minutes and 35 seconds, on the previous two tries it stopped at about 10 minutes, which is still impressive, considering most fidget spinners can only rotate for a couple of minutes or less, Takahiko Hasegawa, a former yo-yo world champion and fan of the Saturn Spinner, claims that the best fidget spinners on the market, can only spin for 8 minutes, as you can imagine, the Rolls Royce of fidget spinners is not cheap, while the average price of a fidget spinner is just £10 or so, the Saturn Spinner comes in at 17,280 yen (at today's rate £122.00 or $158.50),
and this is what you are paying for, super efficient bearings, You can buy the Saturn Spinner at, but it’s currently out of stock, and no I am not on commision, I have enough to do without spinning my wheels.

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