Friday, 14 July 2017

Until Recently,

we had never heard of them,

 but we did mention them only last month, fidgets, the things that are the latest craze, over here they sell in the markets for a few pounds or dollars each, but Russian firm Caviar has taken them one stage further, you may remember the company selling gold i-phones

well to keep up with modern trends they now offer an entire collection of fidget spinners, ranging from gold plated and carbon fiber models priced at a mere 14,900 rubles (at today's rate £192.5 or $249), to a solid gold spinner, with a price tag of 999,999 rubles (at today's rate £12,919 or $16,716), between them is the 99,000 rubles (at today's rate £1,279 or $1,655), gold-plated spinner encrusted with dozens of small diamonds, what perfect gifts for those that have everything! Caviar gold fidget spinners are currently available for pre-order and will become available in August 2017.

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