Saturday, 29 July 2017

It Was The Turn,

of Mariana today to have a shampoo,

 who immediately took to the high ground,

 to dry off, 

 meanwhile Cable knew he was safe as he had just been shampooed the day or so before, but Hogue thought he knew what was coming next, so he hid in the box, 

but it was not his turn today, but it will be tomorrow if Diana has some spare time,

 in the late afternoon we were off of the weekend night market in Thepprasit Road,

 I made my way past the food stalls,

 looking towards Jomtien, 

 cloudy skies,

 retracing my steps a look at one of the toy stalls,

 looking inland lots of cloud, 

 a mobile fruit selling waiting for a customer,

 opposite the bar this evening a stall selling beauty treatments and one selling shorts,

 the fruit stall,

 stocking up for the evening,

 and one customer making a purchase,

 the dried fruit stall this week,

 had a fine selection of lollipops,

 a few people in the pet section,

 work seems to have stopped on the steelworks,

 I made my way to the pet stall and bought the usual food for our cats, I normally take a picture of the petting stall but there is now a sign saying that taking pictures of the stall is now is forbidden, 

 so I made my way to the end of the aisle, 

 and bought a few fish for the aquarium,

 sunset over the market,

 I am guessing that by next week, 

 this section will be covered over, apparently there will be a carpark on top of the steelworks,

 I made my way to the bar and meet up with Jim when this jeep came past playing patriotic music,

 and with a picture of the new King as today was His birthday, I am not sure but I think that is a generator at the front of the jeep to power the sound system,

 some low cloud came rolling in, 

 as I mentioned we meet up with Jim, Cher was shopping in Tesco,

 it soon became dark, so after saying our farewells, 

 we made a move for home, 

where we were greeted with the delicious aroma of beef stew with dumplings, we settled down to an evening of Bargain Hunt, two teams of two are given £300 each and have an hour to buy 3 antiques which are then sold at auction, if a profit is made the teams keep the profit, both teams are given an expert for advice along the way, great fun, and for tonight we continued with the shows that feature the best profits, here is a link to the first of three episodes, and with the end of the third series of best profits we were off to bed.

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