Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Day Did Not Start Out Well,

for Cable,

 it was shower time,

 and for a cat that likes water when he is walking in the pool, 

he does not like it when shampoo is involved,

Hogue who is nobody's fool hid in the back of the box, 

 but it is not his turn today, 


 took the high ground, Diana had decided to shampoo one cat a day, it was easier to tackle them one at a time when they are not expecting it,

 I then took the motorcycle in for a a new indicator light bulb, one had blown,

 and whilst there I had the motorcycle given a complete service, oil, plug and filter change, 360 baht later and I was on my way, 

 meanwhile Diana was pruning the jasmine bush, it still looks big but half of it has now been removed, we are hoping the drastic pruning will start it flowering,

 whilst at the front of the house we decided to crop the mini oranges, which we had not done for a couple of weeks, 

and decided to weigh them, amazingly 1.3 kilograms in total, although they are sour to the taste they make a fresh orange drink even tastier when added, 

after our evening meal we watched Alien Vs Predator, an enjoyable although unlikely romp in an under ice pyramid complex, and rounded the evening off with a selection from The Chase, Bargain Hunt and Tipping Point, and with that we were off to bed.

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