Sunday, 9 July 2017

Up Early,

and of to the auction,

 we had decided to pop over to the Collingbourne Auctioneers in Soi Chaiyapruk 2, 

 it is easy to find with lots of parking beside it, just go over the railway track going away from Sukhumvit Road, and it is a few hundred yards past the railway on the left hand side, we did not buy anything, but it was good fun just to look around, although I was tempted by a few model stationary steam engines,

this is one of them, but looking at the number it would not be up for auction until late in the sale so we left and made a move for home,

 where as it was Saturday it was time for a little maintenance, 

 40% of the aquarium water out,

 and replaced,

 meanwhile Mariana,

 and Cable,

 were watching Diana,

 change the water in their pool,

 in the afternoon we were out again,

 to the market,

 to buy a few bits and pieces,

 you can not buy fresher than these!

 small fish are now available filleted, this is the first time I have seen them prepared this way, normally you have to do the filleting yourself,

 we stopped at this stall,

 for some fresh prawns,

 next some mushrooms,

 and pineapple for desert,

 we also bought some sushi,

 and decided on a few slices of roasted duck to nibble on in the afternoon,

 in the evening we were outside,

 sushi for starters, 

 followed by chicken and sweetcorn soup,

 next for Diana one of the coconuts that Nick and Maureen had given her,

 then lite the barby,

 not many sparks today,

 and on with vegetable kebabs, zucchini, onion and mushrooms, brushed with garlic butter,

and butterflied prawns,


 they looked and were delicious,

we rounded off our meal with some fresh pineapple,

we had a nostalgic evening listening to a full selection from The Temperance 7, this song titled Pasadenda made it to number 4 on UK Singles chart in August 1961, which was a follow-up to "You're Driving Me Crazy" which was a number 1 hit, the full title for this song is "Home in Pasadena" and it was recorded in 1924 by Al Jolson and also Billy Murray and Ed Smalle, the song was written by Edgar Leslie, Grant Clarke & Harry Warren,

keeping to a similar theme I must of course mention the The Vintage Syncopators when they appeared at The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club, as one, the drummer Ian Howarth, was a gifted drummer and percussionist who founded the Wigan-based Vintage Syncopators, and went on to play in many bands, including the Temperance Seven and, for many years, the Alan Cooper trio, and with that we were off to bed.

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