Friday, 28 July 2017

First Thing,

we were in town waiting for the bank to open,

 to have our bank books made up to date and a letter written by the bank as to the amount we had in our accounts and the length of time the money was in our accounts,

 then off to Immigration on Soi 5 Jomtien,

 looking towards the sea it looked busy, with cars parked on both sides of the road,

 we parked opposite Fifth Jomtien, and walked past the hotel into immigration, we had two surprises, firstly there was no one waiting for the 1 year retirement extension visa, so we left our passports and were given a card to pick them up on Monday, normally it is overnight, but Friday is a bank holiday, and secondly Jim and Cher were there with just one or two people in front of them waiting for their 30 day extension visas, we were in and out in no time, just as we were leaving it was the turn of Jim and Cher,

 so official business complete we were off to the Surf Kitchen,

where Jim and Cher joined us for breakfast, 

 Diana chose an ice coffee,

and club sandwich, 

 for myself an ice latte coffee,

and in a real change of breakfasts for me, chicken and cashew nuts with plain boiled rice, after our meal we said our farewells and we were off,

 and decided to take the scenic route home via the Bali Hai pier, we stopped and took a couple of pictures, this the high rise condominium that has been abandoned for the past few years,

and looking back along the road,

the lighthouse just before the road turns left and starts the drive uphill, next back to the bank, now that we had put our papers in would could withdraw some of the money we had for the weekend, in the afternoon we watched a couple of nondescript films, it would be an insult to call them B movies, they were that bad, but in the evening things took a turn for the better, with a few from Top Gear, Bargain Hunt, Tipping Point and Sherlock Holmes to round off the evening, and with that we were off to bed.

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