Monday, 24 July 2017

Knock, Knock,

who's there? a horse let me in,

if you are a resident of New York or are visiting you will often in the old parts of town, Greenwich Village, see horse doors, at ground level, they are the equivalent of a modern garage built as a part of the house, but in this case the owner of the house would walk his or her horse through the passageway to where the horse was stabled, the horse walk door is the brown one to the left at this house at 7 Leroy Street, a Federal-style building built in 1831, but today instead of stables apartments are at the end of the passageways like this one at $13,950 a month, for a greater in depth look at these buildings here is a article that looks more closely at them, a front door in a house for a horse, who would have thought it?

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