Wednesday, 26 July 2017

We Both Enjoy,


Game of Thrones immensely, and so it would appear do a lot of others, and as a tribute the Broadway Bakery, in Dubai, recently celebrated the new season of “Game of Thrones” by creating an incredibly detailed cake featuring everyone’s favourite imp, Tyrion Lannister, made primarily of sugar paste and fondant, the edible masterpiece stands four feet tall and weighs 70 pounds, making it large enough to feed a crowd of say 100 – 120 people,

all the edible swords that make up the Iron Throne had to be shaped and painted individually, before assembling the iconic chair, and Tyrion himself took even more work, the artists in charge of the project tried to get the tiniest details, down to his stubble and facial scars, all in all, it took “2 expert cake artists accompanied by a team of 18 talented chefs working over a period of three weeks” to finish the cake, the sugar paste and fondant were covered in 15 kg of the finest Belgian chocolate, and the gold goblet in Tyrion’s hand, as well as the artistic motif on his shirt were actually painted in 28 grams of edible gold, this raised the cost of the cake to 91,800 dirham (at today's rate £19,189 or $24,995),

 “This epic four-foot high cake is a majestic tribute to the legendary Tyrion Lannister – the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms,” the Dubai bakery wrote, the pictures do not really do justice to the effort that went into the making of this super cake, but this video gives a great insight as to the skill involved in making this masterpiece, but I would feel so bad about eating it!

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