Sunday, 9 July 2017

Edible Water Balls,

have started to make appearances, 

at large-scale festivals, the kind of places where hundreds or thousands of disposable plastic bottles are used and disposed of,

which is good news,

as it is estimated that 35 billion plastic water bottles tossed in the garbage every year,

so the team at Skipping Rocks Lab, made up of chemists, engineers, designers and business advisers are exploring ways of making edible water balls, it starts like this, drop frozen balls of water (or other beverages) into a tasteless solution that forms a gelatinous layer around the outside, once the ice melts, drinkers can pick up and take a drink, or if that seems too strange: puncture the membrane (which then biodegrades in weeks) and drink from it, made of seaweed, the 'container' layer can also be coloured and flavoured, what a neat idea.

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