Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Like Clockwork,

the bugmen,

 our should I say bug couple arrived, and today's visit was the yearly one, so 4,000 baht later we were de-bugged and will be every month for the next year,

 in the afternoon we made a move to the Central Festival,

we were going to the cinema to watch Dunkirk, in 4K, I guess to cater for the newer QLED televisions that are appearing on the market, we both enjoyed to film immensely, but as with all of this type of movie, the facts of what happened in Dunkirk are lost in droves, for instance the hospital ship sinking at the mole was the the SS Paris, but it was actuality bombed and sunk at sea, there was a hospital ship sunk at it's mooring a few hundred kilometres away, the Maid of Kent, in Dieppe, I guess someone could not remember where they were filming, and it gets worse

after the film on the spur of the moment we decided on our evening meal in the MK restaurant, 

in the Central Festival,

we both had a mushroom soup, Diana chose a dish of duck and noodles,

and we shared a large plate of pork and duck,

which was delicious,

there were not many in the restaurant,

after our meal,

we popped onto the observation section,

rain clouds were rolling in, as we made our way along Beach Road, the first spots of rain had arrived, Diana said that looking out to the islands they could not be seen through the rain, we arrived home just slightly wet, so feet up for some quiz shows, tonight Bargain Hunt was the menu for the evening, and we finished with two from Sherlock Holmes and with that we were off to bed.

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