Tuesday, 18 July 2017

I Have Heard Of People That Go To Theme Parks,

to experience the rush of a roller coaster ride, and to try every one of them,

well it appears that the same can be done for water-slides, those nice people over at Travel+Leisure have brought together the 28 most thrilling water-slides in the world, I have posted a few here but for the full list have a look at their website, great fun it would seem, like this one, the AquaLoop, in Calypso Park, Canada, in less than two seconds, riders on the AquaLoop will experience 2 Gs of force. From a trap door, riders drop down a 56-foot near-vertical descent and through a complete loop. Although the whole thing is over in about seven seconds, there are two separate slides. Riders can challenge friends to see who’s the first to emerge from the vertigo-inducing loop,

 L2, W├Ârgler Wasserwelt, in Austria, before riders fall down 40 stories, they are treated to beautiful views of the Alps. But the views are quickly forgotten in the world’s first double-looping waterslide. Riders are enclosed in a capsule and shot like a “rocket launch” through two complete loops. The park warns that the ride is NOT for “wimps, wusses and chickens.”

Shaka, Wet ‘n’ Wild in Oahu, Hawaii, variety is the spice of life, this combination wet/dry ride shoots riders backwards, forwards and even (practically) straight down. During top speeds and heights, riders feel like they’ve reached zero gravity. But what makes the ride most fun is that it can be done in a tandem raft where riders face each other while switching directions,

and this is it, the slide where it’s estimated that one in 20 riders chicken out from the slide at the top, Kilimanjaro at Aldeia das Aguas,Brazil, after climbing 234 steps up, it’s the tallest body slide in the world (over 160 feet), clocking in even higher than the Statue of Liberty (not including its pedestal), those who brave the ride soar down a near-vertical drop before falling into the pool at the bottom, you can count me in the one in 20 riders chicken out, I will, be in the bar!

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