Thursday, 13 July 2017

I Am Not Into Smart Telephones,

or emjoi's,

what ever they are, but here is some good news if you are, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's newest tech tool allows any smartphone user to gain access to the artworks hidden behind their archive doors, a collection so large that it would stretch 121.3 miles if you placed each artwork end-to-end, with only 5% of this collection on view, the museum decided to create Send Me SFMOMA, a texting service that delivers an artwork to your phone based on a sent emoji or phrase, to participate, text the number 572-51 the words “send me” followed by either a keyword (such as a color, emotion, or type of art) or an emoji, a quick response will bring your phone an image of an artwork from SFMOMA’s vast collection, in addition to a caption containing the artist, artwork title, and year. Within the first four days of the program over 3,000 artworks were generated, a larger number than the amount of works currently on view, will it work outside of America? if I knew or what a emoji was or how to send one I would be able to answer that, so I have no idea what costs are involved, I would guess it is free in the USA but but standard messaging rates apply, any way for emoji and art lovers what a neat program.

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