Thursday, 13 July 2017

I Arrived At The Hospital,

at just before 08.00,

 I was seen as soon as I walked in for blood pressure and weight, 137 over 67, 64 beats per minute weighing in at 76.5 kilograms, 

 I then went to the waiting area to give a blood sample, but I did not have time to put my glasses on to read my book before I was called in,

sample given and I was on my way to the Robin's Nest for breakfast,

  the blood results were sugar 130 mg/dl, or 7.3 mmol/l depending on which kit you use it appears that below 7.0 is fine, as a rough guide 1 mg/dl equals 0.01 grams per liter (g/L), if you wish to use it here is a conversion table, it appears that I had an average reading as the sugar should be 90-130 or below 7.0, so a tad high but still acceptable, and uric acid 5.2, uric acid between 2 and 7.5 mg/dL, is the accepted range, lastly Hb AIC 5.3 so it was all good new as far as I was concerned, we then had a chat about infrared photography as the doctor reads our blog and noticed my new hobby, also congratulations were in order as he just 2 months ago had a new addition to his family, so he now has a boy and a girl, I am sure we all wish them well, then back home to pick up Diana and we were off to the market,

 which side of the street you park on changes daily,

 we were lucky today as we did not have to cross the road and parked exactly where we wanted to be,

 as Diana bought a few things I took a few pictures,

 of the stalls selling fruit,

 and flowers,

 this is the main entrance, nearly all we wanted was on the street,

 this stall selling items for the temple,

 which is opposite, 

 although I had just eaten I was tempted by the smell of the fried chicken,

 we next stopped off at the vehicle testing station to pick up the log book, tax and insurance for the motorcycle that was tested last week,

 we also stopped off at NumChai to pick up the camera that had been repaired and was now ready, this is the Panasonic camera that we use in the 40 meter underwater housing,

 as we were here we also popped in to look around at televisions, the one that was replaced under guarantee is now getting on a bit, so we are guessing some time this year or next it will start to have the vertical lines as the last one did, the choice was huge, LED, OLED, QLED all of these having 4K definition and knowing that the 2020 Olympics in Japan will only be filmed in 8K the electronics company Sharp now have their 8K sets ready to go, and are here now, so with any luck the price of them should be coming down by the time ours fails and the games are braodcast, I should also mention that Sony and Panasonic have teamed up together to produce 8K televisions ready for the games,

 on our way back home the one thing we did not buy in the market was some fresh pineapple, 

 so we stopped off at another market, 

 Diana is trying a new ploy when it comes to shampooing the cats, 

 Cable was first, Mariana and Hogue seeing this immediately hid under the sofas, but Diana had a cunning plan, she will shampoo them one a day so they will not know what is coming next, so Hogue or Mariana will have their turn tomorrow,

 next glad rags on,

 and we were off with Mr. Tony to Cherry's

 for their International buffet, a quick look at what is on offer, the salad bar,

 and a selection of salads,

 plenty of salmon as always,

 a selection of sushi,

 soup of the day golden pumpkin, and tom yum goong,

 battered fish and spring rolls,

 there is also a selection of 18 or so heated dishes,

 a carvery and Diana's favourite pizzas,

 plus a selection of desserts,

 so selection made,

 and it was time to start,

 my first plate of starters,

 and second,

 Diana's main course,

 for myself I fancied a lobster bisque,

 which was delicious,

 and to finish the meal I decided against a main course but chose a few from the sushi selection,

we finished with desserts, if you want to visit Cherry's the International buffet is on Wednesday and Saturday evenings but they have a full a la carte menu, the buffet is 450 baht per person, the restaurant is located on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, Mr. Tony kindly dropped us off home and after wishing him farewell it was feet up for some more from Top Gear, then for us off to bed.

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