Friday, 28 July 2017

I Know That Perpetual Motion,

is impossible,

 but it almost appears that it is possible,

 whilst watching these GIFs from,

 French animator Frédéric Vayssouze-Faure, he explores complicated mathematical concepts through short animations he publishes on a Tumblr page called Wavegrower,

 Via his artist statement:

'This blog is a branch of the wavegrower project in which I’m focused on combining minimalism and multitude to create dynamic artworks with more than one level of reading, the first being that every cell constituting them has its own simple periodic motion, meaning regularly looping by spinning or twisting or stretching or balancing or revolving or swinging or shaking or beating or vibrating, in a word : oscillating'.

you can see a few more of his GIFs here, click on the one you want to watch, and if you like it click on the symbol at the top of the page, </> and you will see the source code if you want to play with it, looking at them my coffee got cold!

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